About Me

A little about the developers of this website

Hello and welcome to the site! My name is Alan, and I developed Build A Website to help people learn how to build and promote a website for their small business, blog or personal project.

I’m a freelance web developer, with over 19 years experience, designing, developing and marketing websites. I also have broad experience in online marketing, affiliate marketing and Search Engine Optimisation for all types of online business and niche.

Over the years I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks, tried and tested A LOT of software and have built over 300 websites for clients and myself. Nowadays I tend to focus on bespoke/custom WordPress builds but I also provide maintenance services for a number of clients.

Why did I launch Build A Website?

I currently design websites at an an agency level. This involves, design surveys, wireframes, storyboards, custom graphics, web layouts in Photoshop or Sketch, rounds of alterations and finally complete website development. I charge a lot for this because it’s such a thorough and detailed service. With the large cost involved it is mostly utilised by big brands and successful companies with a budget.

Then there is the other end of the spectrum which I generally don’t touch. A small local business, a personal blogger, a startup e-commerce store. These entrepreneurs don’t have the same budgets as the successful companies but still find them self having to pay out an arm and a leg for developers.

NEWSFLASH!! 99% of budget web design work doesn’t involve any custom code and doesn’t require a university degree or a diploma in design. Low cost developers usually install a premium website template or theme, switch out the logo and content and then send you a bill. Essentially, with the right guidance, anyone can do this, and the Build A Website blog will show you how and save you a lot of wasted money.

How Does This Site Make Money?

The Build A Website blog is a completely free resource for readers wishing to learn how to build a basic, but acceptable website for their business or personal project. Writing this content takes time, and although the advice I provide is free I do get paid from a number of advertisers whose products and services are featured on the blog.

I also provide paid support for WordPress websites which is available on an hourly basis or via  monthly retainer package.

Whether I’m writing a review, service comparison article or how to guide on building a website, the services/products I mention are those I have found useful, are relevant to what I’m teaching or are an integral/required product/service to the tutorial you are reading.

Every software, service or product that is within the various website setup guides is an integral part of the tutorial you are reading. Before making any purchases through my referral links I recommend you do your research online about the product or service so you can make an unbiased decision before buying.

For anything else, website support or questions about the website, feel free to send me an email at info@buildawebsite.biz